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Rooms & Facilities

All rooms at Kirti Heights are single occupancy for girls with AC, 5 feet wooden study table, a wooden bed with storage, geyser, Almirah with shoe rack. 

Hostel also has a in house private mess with live view of the food being prepared. 4 nutritious meals with milk is served daily

Hostel is totally under CCTV surveillance and access to floors is secured via biometric access and no access to male staff is allowed. 

App Based Notification (Only Hostel in Kota to have this)

  1. Students entries are tracked via biometric device which notifies parents in real time every time your kid enters or leaves the hostel. 

  2. Food menu is published week in advance on the app for parents also to know what is being served to kids. 

  3. Any complain, students/parents can raise a complaint on app and its taken care in 2-3 hours 

  4. All notices, events reminder like yoga session etc are notified via digital notices on the app

  5. All your payments, including your refundable security deposit in displayed in the app in a ledger and all payments can be done via app from you sitting at your home

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